Green Products

Friends & Family specializes in green flooring products, and we sell lots of it to residential and commercial customers in the greater metro area because:  

Many materials are recycled (and recyclable) and reduce dependency on oil, creating pride in ownership and contributing to a better, cleaner world.

Green flooring meets and exceeds government regulations for recycling, and is safe for you, your family and the environment.

Green flooring can last longer than conventional flooring, saving you time and money – and making you look and feel good.

Cork – Popular with both environmentalists and designers, cork can be harvested every 9 years from the same tree—a much faster rate of renewal than wood. Cork floors are durable and easy to maintain, comfortable, fire resistant, thermally insulated, and they cushion sound, as well.

Bamboo – A highly renewable resource, bamboo is harvestable 4-6 years after being planted. It has high durability and low moisture absorption properties. It's a popular alternative to wood, available in many styles and colors.

Linoleum – Not to be confused with vinyl flooring, all-natural linoleum is widely promoted and specified for green building products. It's made from linseed oil, pine resin, sawdust, cork dust, limestone and jute. Natural linoleum requires little care and is available in hundreds of styles and vibrant colors.

Wood –We sell wood floor products that are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The FSC ensures the wood does not come from clear cutting or ancient forests, but from sustainable and renewable wood sources.

Rubber – This is an environmentally friendly flooring manufactured primarily from recycled tires. It offers a durable surface for indoor and outdoor applications and is available in a wide variety of styles, textures and colors.  

Carpet – Green carpet products not only offer high quality and lots of choices, they can improve indoor air quality. Materials are made with fewer volatile organic compounds and emissions in the fibers, dyes and adhesives. Fibers resist wear, soil and static electricity. Carpet can be all-natural, or made with recycled and renewable materials. For instance, one yard of carpet may keep approximately forty plastic containers out of our landfills!

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